Just tooting our own horn a little, check out what the BMA community has accomplished in the last year!

2. Extended Re-root in West Magnolia to the trailhead at the Peak to Peak Highway and Magnolia road.

3. Connected Hobbit 2 & Hobbit 3 in West Magnolia creating easier navigation and a fun flowy downhill!

4. Rerouted over 1,000 feet of damaged and eroded High Plains trail with berms & bumps!

5. Helped with maintenance on Wapiti at Heil Valley Ranch, and added a few Easter Egg alternative lines!

6. Along with Redstone Cyclery, helped Boulder County Parks and Open Space fix damage to Picture Rock trail caused by illegal motorcycle use in March.

7. Started BRAND NEW trail in West Magnolia that will be completed this fall!

8. Helped City of Boulder Open Space and Mountain Parks rehabilitate Doudy Draw and added some bike optimized alternate line rock features!

9. Represented mountain bike interests during the City of Boulder Open Space and Mountain Parks Master Plan process.

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